Commercial Photo Gallery


Sewage Backup at Commercial Building

When this bathroom toilet backup up they called SERVPRO. We arrived within 1 hour and started the clean up process and had the bathroom operational by they time they opened the next morning. 


Flood in a Business

A local business was hit with a flood when one of their major pipe bursts and affected the rooms and hallway. SERVPRO was ready with the proper equipment and used containment to speed the drying process.

SERVPRO work van

SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas Van

The Ford E-250 painted in the sharp green color allows SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas to serve the beautiful Monterey County. This SERVPRO van can be packed tight with equipment to ensure that we always come prepared to any disaster.

Equipment in warehouse

Stocked and Ready To Go

Here at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas we have all the equipment necessary for any sized disaster. We pride ourselves at SERVPRO on being able to put-forth any amount of equipment regardless of how big the loss is.

SERVPRO compact vehicle

SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas Fuel Friend

This Nissan NV200 allows us at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas to get to and from our destinations without wasting gas. It has a 25 mpg rating and is very safe and easy to handle while on the road.

Box truck for bigger jobs

Box Truck

This GMC Box Truck allows us at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas be able to pack up rooms worth of customers items and hall them away to storage. With all the vehicles and equipment that we have available there is no size disaster that we can't clean up!