Mold Remediation Photo Gallery


Mold in Computer Lab

This computer lab was covered in mold spots. Immediate remediation was needed. Our certified technicians at SERVPRO answered the call and we're ready to help the library look brand new again. 


Mold in Living Room

The corner of this living room was affected with Mold. Only certified professionals like the technicians at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas can help. We were quick to stop the spreading and remove the mold completely.

Mold on walls

Local Restaurant Mold Clean

A local Monterey County restaurant trusts SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas to inspect and clean the inside. After cleaning the restaurant was back to its prime condition and ready to work.

Visible mold in cabinets

Mold in Cabinets

The cabinets had to be taken out in-order to ensure that the mold could be completely extracted from the walls and the infestation stopped. The kitchen was fully cleaned, and the mold was successfully remediated. 

Visible mold inside cabinets

Mold in Laundry Room

The washing machine supply line had a leak in it and it leaked throughout the inside of the walls in the laundry room. There was mold present so the dry wall had to be cut out and the area completely cleaned.

Mold discovery under carpet pad

Mold in Master Bedroom

There was mold found underneath the flooring so our SERVPRO technicians had to remove the tile over the subfloor and then they could access and clean the mold. After the mold was cleaned our technicians installed a dehumidifier to dry out the room and flooring.